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Job Post
Post Title
[Adjective] VA Needed to [Specific Task] for [Niche]
Job Description
Hey there, I’m _____ from _____, We’re looking for a [adjective] VA to [specific task] We can only hire one person, So we’ll need you to do a quick [time] “test project” before we start to see if you can perform the task correctly (explainer video included): [link] If you’re interested and wish to apply for this job, please: 1. Complete the test project 2. [CALL TO ACTION] 3. Please let me know if you have any questions :) The first successful test project will get hired. Good luck!
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Direct Outreach

Hey ___, Love your work! I’m looking to hire a ___ to _____, think you’d be a perfect fit! Before we start, I’d need you to do a quick ____(time) “test project” to make sure you can perform the task correctly. I wrote this explainer for you (with a video): Is this something you’d be interested in? If so, just send your test project to ________

Onboarding Message

Hey ___, Super excited to have you on the team! :) Let’s keep our chat here. Let’s start on ___ _____, Working ______. You can find the step-by-step training/ system ____. If possible, let’s do a daily update at the start and end of your work period so I can be there to help. 1. Before you start working, let me know: - What you plan to get done today - How long you expect it to take - Any blockers 2. And the “end” of your day, let me know: - What you got done today - [Success metrics]? - Hours worked - Any blockers - Plans for tomorrow We’ll also be paying you ___, via ____ To make sure you can get paid asap, please update your time tracking sheet at the end of every day. See here: [LINK] Does this all make sense?
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