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Volleyball in Pittsburgh, PA

Info about this site

Welcome to the most complete listing of places to play Volleyball in Pittsburgh, PA. I created this site originally as a test for a web application and at the same time I kept seeing people post all of the time online asking where to play volleyball in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, with Facebook groups and other applications being so easy to create events and groups...there are now tons of different locations to get information and nothing in centralized. This is now that centralized hub for the Pittsburgh area.
There are 2 main pages included on this site that will allow you to search for various different types of volleyball. You can use the interactive filters based on the type of play, level of play, number of players and more. You can also find contact information, Facebook groups and map addresses of locations for the various facilities and parks.

Right now there are
different known places to play ball in the Pittsburgh region. A few are just outside Pittsburgh, in the Central and Eastern Ohio area. One is up towards Meadville.
There are also
tournaments scheduled within the next 30 days within the region.
💡 Looking to play some summer night sand ball - well there are
courts in the area with lights too! 💡

Please be aware that this is just a fun project I am running to help people play more volleyball and for me to learn the power of a web application called . If this is truly beneficial and really becomes a more purposeful hub of information, I will make it more professional and add more info too. Right now it’s a personal project with no financial backing.

Can I add a new place or event to the list?

Yes, of course, if you know someone that would like to add their tournaments, leagues or open pickup’s to the list of places - please click this button → . This will allow you to submit the new tournament and contact info for us to quickly add.
If you’d like to just add a new volleyball location to the list for pickup play or a potential future league or a tournament, please click this button and tell us about the court. → .

Popular Volleyball Facebook Groups

Use Facebook? Well, even if you don’t these are normally public groups that anyone can click to review the information about that group. Just click on the large tiles below or directly click the globe icon for the hyperlink.
AK Valley Sand Volleyball.jpg
AK Valley Sand Volleyball
Hickory VB.jpg
Competitive Volleyball at Hickory
Default Facebook Group.png
Greater Pittsburgh Volleyball
Pittsburgh Grass Volleyball.jpg
Pittsburgh (PA) Grass Volleyball Community
Pittsburgh Volleyball.jpg
Pittsburgh Volleyball
Pittsburgh Volleyball Events.jpg
Pittsburgh Volleyball Events
Rustbelt Volleyball.jpg
Rust Belt Volleyball
St. Clairsville Volleyball.jpg
St. Clairsville OHIO pickup volleyball
Steel City Volleyball.jpg
Steel City Volleyball League
Steubenville Volleyball.jpg
Steubenville Pick-Up Volleyball
Volleyball in Western PA.jpg
Default Facebook Group.png
Volleyball Players

Typical Levels of Play

All divisions are usually applicable to men’s, women’s and Coed. Rankings are from most advanced down to beginner level.
Open - Most difficult competitive division, often people have played collegiate, pro or semi-pro ball
AA - 2nd most difficult competitive division
A - 2nd easiest competitive division
B/BB - Easiest and entry level competitive division, if you are just learning positions and have graduated from recreational league ball - this is for you!
Recreational - Summer picnic / gym class type volleyball. Players really should be practicing on your own time or attending camps and clinics to improve to B/BB division. There are a couple rec division leagues in Pittsburgh.
Juniors - 18U kids division

You should always sign up at the level of the best player on your team. If the best player on your team is an Open level player and you normally play A, you should sign up for Open.


If you have any suggestions or would like to see anything else different on the site, please feel free to

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