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Article generation, step by step

Here’s a step by step guide to generating an article with Penfriend.

Step 1

Enter the topic you want Penfriend to write about
Click “Generate


Step 2

Penfriend checks what’s currently ranking to find:
the patterns that make articles rank
the missing gaps so we can make a better article
Then Penfriend generates compelling titles for you to choose from.

Group 35 (1).png

Step 3

Penfriend shows you the best 6 titles.


The titles are ranked and scored based on:
how compelling the titles are
how relevant they are to the keyword you want to rank for
Penfriend averages the two to give you an overall score.


Step 4

Click on the title most likely to give you the article you want.
It may not always be the top scoring title.
Then click “Generate outline”.


Step 5

Penfriend generates the article outline.


Step 6

When Penfriend’s finished building the outline click “Generate article” to have Penfriend generate the body copy.


Step 7

Penfriend generates the body copy beginning with the introduction.


Then each of the headers.
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