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Organizational Wiki Template


A central knowledge hub for your organization or project.


Welcome to our internal company wiki — a central repository for company-wide knowledge. It is intended to help you learn about the company and about the departments and projects you might not be directly involved in.
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: what we’re working on right now and how we will measure our success.
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: A page for each department to share how their team is structured and provide key resources (like the product roadmap or ongoing projects) and serves as a starting point for deeper knowledge of a team.
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: A place for content to help you better understand our company and our customers.
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: Standards for how we work with one another on a day-to-day basis.

Where to get started:

New to Mode?
Start with our
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Check out
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to see what we’re focused on right now
Read the
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to get a sense for how we do things day-to-day
Catch up with the latest by watching recent
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This team hub template can be your digital HQ that combines a team wiki and project management with an asset library. A homebase for all your teams projects, tasks, and culture.
A team wiki is a place to store centralized knowledge, increase transparency, and speed up work across the team, and helps your teammates avoid context switching by giving them the information they need to succeed all in one place. A well built out team wiki or knowledge hub is also beneficial for new member onboarding, as everything is documented in one place for learning.
Though using coda’s building blocks to design this wiki template we have been able to build out a holonic design system for structuring your data to support a more efficient user experience. This team wiki template also provides the following;

Establishing a Single Source of Truth

Having a single source of truth is something we really believe in. We use a lot of different tools and software, and all of these tools have their own purposes, but we needed one tool to pull all of it together into a single place, and Coda was our solution. Saying no to duplicated and outdated info keeps our processes efficient and helps us move faster, together.

Supporting Autonomy with Structure

Creating a company wiki is a cross-functional project which will require input from every department. The best way to get buy-in is to make everyone a part of the process. Asking department leaders to be responsible for the content on their own team’s page is the best way to get the most accurate, important information across. At the same time, providing a basic structure helps keep information in the wiki consistent and expectations in check.

A Balancing Act of What To Include - Less Is More

Too little information, and the team wiki isn’t useful (and people are stuck opening a bunch of tabs to find information they need). Too much information, and the wiki is overwhelming. The team wiki also needs to be flexible enough so that people at all levels of the organization can edits parts of the wiki that they have permission to edit.
That said, it’s important to be discerning about what information is included in the wiki, and what’s not. A good company wiki functions like Grand Central Station, or any central hub for transit: a starting point for accessing everything else. People come and go for the information they need, but don’t need to stay for very long.
It’s useful to catalogue the where the holes and gaps are in your teams knowledge management and what processes are broken or need refinement? Having conversations with all relevant teams and stakeholders ensures that your team wiki actually solves problems versus being yet another tool your team needs to learn how to use.

How a Cohesive Team Wiki Can Drive Change

Change can be hard. It’s normal to get used to our own way of doing things. A team wiki forces teams to have better standards and processes. As teams use Coda regularly, some positive changes happen:
Increased participation - From using the reactions feature to entering more data into the wiki, all members on your team begin to participate more.
Increased transparency - No more opening 10 different tabs. Now you only have to check one place to see updates on projects, design artifacts, and more across the entire team.
Stronger identity - Since most teams are working remotely, a team wiki helps build a sense of identity for the team when meeting in person ins’t an option.

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