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Sound Doctrine Brandbook

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Cosmic Onyx:
Cosmic Onyx—a deep, profound hue that echoes the mysteries of the night sky. This celestial black embodies the vastness of the cosmos, symbolizing the depth of astrological wisdom. It's a color that absorbs and reflects, much like the celestial bodies themselves, drawing in the energy of the universe and radiating it back with purpose. Cosmic Onyx represents the enigmatic yet grounded nature of astrological insights, making it a sophisticated and timeless choice for the brand.
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Luminous White:

White transcends mere simplicity; it becomes Luminous—a radiant, otherworldly shade that mirrors the purity of celestial light. This pristine white captures the essence of clarity and enlightenment found in astrological guidance. Luminous White is the canvas upon which the stars paint their stories, symbolizing the blank slate where clients discover the brilliance of their unique celestial charts. This ethereal white radiates a sense of openness, inviting individuals to explore the depths of their cosmic selves with the guidance of Sound Doctrine. It's a color that breathes life into the brand's commitment to clarity, simplicity, and the profound mysteries of the universe.
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Cosmic Onyx - Black
Luminous White

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