Proposal Contract Notes

Greetings Amber,
I didn't hear back from you regarding the info i sent for updating the current RCC website so I am assuming all is good on that end.
as for what i am looking for re are meeting January and what to focus on.. btw i do well with bullet points...not so much you having to do it but i like having them for me to share my thoughts easier.
1. organize what i already have clear and delete what is not in service or what is not being used. Organizational Management
2. once we establish what we have then we can figure out what missing social media outlets we need and then connect them all together. Social Media Management Platform
3. Essentially organizing social media instagram, youtube, and FB in a way that whatever i post can be easily adaptable to all that we choose to have. Social Media Management Platform/ Marketing Management Platform/ Boiler Plate Templates
4. Setting me up or teaching me how to upload or creating a system where i send what has been created , written blog posts, video, and or organizing online courses (although that will be later) i mostly only want to work on creating good content for a while and build up email lists (which leads me to another point which is whether through my personal website or RCC or both to organize and make it easy or attractive for people to sign up their email so that i can start collecting an email list and that will go hand in hand with the offering of content which will attract people to sign up so they can directly receive new content. Marketing Management System Integrations
5. therefore when new content is available to organize it or create a structure where it can easily be situated into an email format for the subscribers to watch. (let me know if that makes sense I may have to verbally share what i mean).
6. Main goal in this starting point is to create an easy, accessible supportive structure for me to feel like whatever i channel or share has a place to go. My biggest hold up at the moment is not what to share but its where to share and what platform and how it will actually reach the audience...that is not my strong suit.
7. what i am currently extremely passionate about is a section on Conscious Parenting utilizing waldorf, pranic healing, and shadow work to completely change and clean the current parenting paradigm. Basic Marketing Content Strategy
8. I am also passionate about self care. its in my human design. and that also goes hand in hand with parenting because i am paving the way to conscious parenting utilizing radical self love and self care to fill up our own mama cup so that it naturally flows to our children vs old paradigm which is self sacrificing and martyr Blog
9. Also passionate about addiction work supporting people with baseline addiction including alcohol drugs and the biggest addiction...negative energy thinking and low self esteem supporting people through energy medicine and pranic healing. Offering/ Course
10. My work is very foundational to transformation...without key foundations its very hard to stand on solid healing ground.
11. my dream or extra desire is to be FUNNY....i naturally think sometimes in terms of MEMEs or funny ways of sharing but again am stopped by the technical aspect of how to actually create it on the medium of technology so that could be somethign we could discuss and share. Content Creation / Creative Cloud
oh lastly...i want a serious of 'sessions with Maya' videos that are me being recorded and speaking to the people as if they are in front of me and guiding them in simple exercises trauma release etc for different topics, anxiety, scatter brain, anger...etc. that is fun for me. Multimedia Content Creation & Production
OK feell free to share any questions and i am thrilled to be moving forward and for the honor and potential to be able to serve more people and spread the message of accessible healing would be a dream come true!
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