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Brandbook Template

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Brandbook Template

Welcome to your brand identity guidelines.

👋 Welcome to the Brandbook guidelines documentation for Company Name!

Your Brandbook is intended to communicate both internally and externally the proper representation of the Company Name brand. The Brandbook offers a fundamental design system and set of rules for your company’s graphic identity system - aimed at creating a standardized approach to creative work in order to uphold the integrity of your brand.
This Brandbook is a living document that can adapt and evolve over time. To ensure your brand guidelines for Company Name are updated and evolve, revisit the document periodically to incorporate any changes in messaging, communication strategies, or visual elements.
Your brand guidelines should specify parameters for photography, illustrations, icons, and other visual elements, including tone, color treatment, and composition, to ensure the overall aesthetic of images are consistent throughout your branding. It also sets the specifications for print materials, social media, digital platforms, advertising, packaging, and other touchpoints that are part of your brand.
Staying in compliance with these guidelines is an important part of providing a consistent application across the company brand, and correct use will build a strong, recognizable identity across all channels - for today and in the future.
Each page contains a subpage that can be accessed when you hover over and click the arrow to the left of any page. This subpage provides an overview of the page it is a subpage of, providing you with informational context that you can always go back to for reference.
Any adjustments, recommendations and additions should be approved by a design team.

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