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Book of Light

"Harmony is the flow of life This law supersedes even the fundamental law of Karma, for harmony is the supreme potential of balance."
The Temple of Harmony is our invocational field for intentional collaboration. The temple is where scribes of light join together in council to consciously co-create in the unfolding story of consciousness. The journey is being co-written in the Book of Light, a storybook showcasing the collective awakening orbiting our shared purpose to harmoniously cooperate in conscious evolution.
Scribes are guided by the living philosophy known as the TAO of Light, which supports mapping our evolving consciousness in accordance with the harmonic guidance system of our Mother Planet. This system connects us with the universal life force currents of love, and illuminates the path of the awakened heart.
Forming a constellation of kinships along the way, we attune to the melodies of this unifying heart field. Self organising as a KIN network in the web of light, assembling the Symphony of Love - a collective synarchy that governs its interactions across a distributed commons in accordance with the natural law of harmony.
Contents / An Opening Glossary
Temple of Harmony
Book Of Light
Scribes, Councils of Light
Web of Light, Dao/ Tao of Light
KIN Network
Symphony of Love
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