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En: Social Games Hackathon

For organizations looking to create an effective social program to accelerate their business

About the Hackathon

Hello! We are Collab team. Every few months, we organize hackathons that help unravel the integration of new technologies into social projects and drive impactful changes. By participating, you can:
Increase resource flow by enhancing transparency and accountability in processes for potential donors and partners.
Scale your impact exponentially, reaching a larger number of beneficiaries.
Improve efficiency across various aspects, from cost reduction to increased participant engagement.
Enhance sustainability and reduce manual work.
Through three short webinars, individual work, and community activities, we will help you learn, understand, and implement the following approaches and principles:
Impact first
Scientific evidence
Effect verification
No-code tools
Data collection and analytics application
Product-oriented development
First-class customer experience
Gamification and storytelling
Stunning design

Why should you participate?

By joining us, you will:
Learn how to make your key business indicators and processes better, faster, cheaper, and more profitable.
Receive consultations from our team and develop specific steps for product development.
Gain access to valuable materials: Impact Model Kit, a guide on digital transformation, and a collection of digital solutions.
Experiment with creating your own transformative social game to achieve your business goals and make the world a better place.

Participant Testimonials

Over 20 projects have participated in our hackathon. Here's what participants have said about their experience:
"We came in with a somewhat developed idea, but the hackathon helped us refine it into a comprehensive concept. We understood how to connect all the elements and design and measure the impact. We also learned how to align our business with the desired impact. It was incredible! Thanks for providing ideas on digitization. We are now reviewing and evaluating them in terms of costs and outcomes. It feels like you've unleashed our creativity and diversified our product options. You are inspiring! I am amazed by your intelligence and interest in every participant. Thank you for being there and creating a supportive atmosphere. You are professionals we aspire to be like. And a special shoutout for your authenticity!"

"The information about the principles was presented in a structured and understandable manner. The role of each principle in achieving impact goals, especially the importance of scalability, became clear. It was amazing to see so many enthusiastic people in the moment. The material presented during the hackathon had a well-thought-out structure. I have limited experience in digitization, but thanks to the hackathon, I now have a better understanding of the possibilities of using digital tools in social projects. The idea of gifts was fantastic! Thank you! Your care, interest, and sincere involvement were evident throughout the hackathon."

"Theoretical information followed immediately by practice, homework, karma points, and adherence to timing were top-notch. Expert circles were great and motivating. It was fantastic that the information was duplicated in the channel, and there was always feedback. Thank you so much! We were stuck in our project; people didn't understand what we were doing. Thanks to the hackathon, we gained understanding ourselves and now have tools to move forward. We have new ideas. And thank you for the support and advice 💚"

Prizes for Participants

Each hackathon offers different sets of prizes. Here's what was offered in the previous one:
Impact investment of up to 1 million rubles for project implementation from Rybakov University, along with an invitation to the university's ecosystem of social projects.
Guides from partners and organizers: Impact Model Kit from Collab, customer experience guide from Blanc, and a collection of no-code solutions for social projects with case studies.
Designer and analyst services for three finalists.
Free support and consultations.

How will the next hackathon be conducted?

How will the next hackathon be conducted?

We are announcing the next hackathon in social entrepreneur communities and to anyone who fills out the reminder form.
The hackathon will run for one week and include four sessions, asynchronous work in a Telegram group, and a Demo Day.

Individual consultancies
Half-hour consultations according to your schedule during the hackathon
0 hrs 30 mins
Webinar: Generate Ideas
What new opportunities for social projects are provided by the principles of sustainable and technological organizations
1 hr
Webinar: Gamification
How gamification, stories and plots help increase engagement
1 hr
Webinar: Implementing digital services
How to eliminate manual tasks with the help of services, have a detailed data about your project and its users
1 hr
Demo day
Pitching projects and receiving prizes
2 hrs

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Who are the organizers?

Hello! We are Collab team. We create effective digital products for social impact and assist with the digital transformation of traditional social programs.
While working on our social products, we have developed principles for an effective social program that we believe are valuable to share with every social project.
One shining example of applying our solutions is the educational game Rybakov School Award, aimed at creating school communities. By applying these principles, we transformed a traditional competition into an educational game and achieved the following results:
The cost of reaching one beneficiary decreased by 10 times: from $27 to $2.3.
Efficiency increased by 15 times: from 20 communities per year to 300 per season.
Breakthrough innovative digital tools were developed (game in a chatbot, diagnostic tool).
Categories of beneficiaries and their precise values were established: from 90,000+ active users of digital products to 493,000 beneficiaries from the communities overall in 2021-2022.
The game received over five national and international awards.
Now, we want other social programs and projects to harness the power of technology and advanced content to increase their efficiency and expand their impact.

Contact Information

Gleb Likhobabin - Co-founder of Collab (certified under the international standard P5™ and holder of the GPM360° project certificate).

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