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Sprint Retrospective's

Frequency and Duration: Retrospective meetings are typically held at the end of a sprint or after a major project milestone. The duration can be 60-90 minutes, depending on the size of the team and the complexity of the work being evaluated.
Attendees: All members of the engineering team should attend, including software developers, quality assurance, and the project manager or Scrum Master. Other stakeholders can be invited if necessary.
Structure of the Meeting:
a. Review: Start by reviewing the time period or project in question. Discuss what was accomplished and what challenges were faced.
b. Reflection: Each team member shares their observations and experiences. This can be guided by questions like:
What went well during this period?
What didn't go as planned or what obstacles did we encounter?
What can we do better next time?
c. Discussion: Open the floor for discussion on the points raised during the reflection. This can help clarify certain points and provide different perspectives.
d. Action Plan: Identify actionable items based on the discussion, assign responsibilities, and set timelines. The focus should be on continuous improvement.
e. Wrap-up: Summarize the main points of the meeting, the action plan, and ensure everyone is clear on the next steps.
The retrospective should be a safe space where every team member feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and experiences. Encourage openness and honesty.
Avoid blaming individuals for mistakes or issues. Focus on learning from the past and improving the future.
Keep the meeting focused and time-boxed to respect everyone's time.
Ensure that every action item has an owner and a clear deadline.
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