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Rizse mission is To create innovative, accurate, and easy-to-use inspection technologies. Our Vision is Making inspections safer and sustainable.

Rizse was founded in December of 2019 with a mission to create a solutions-centric company leveraging cutting-edge automation to scale drone technologies into the next generation for inspecting commercial, general, and defense aircraft. After debuting our automated inspection drone platform, in April of 2019, we forged partnerships with some of the leading aircraft repair stations in the world. Using lessons learned from each partner, we continue refining the product and are beginning to launch our system.
Target Market
Rizse primarily operates within the domestic US market, targeting operators and 3rd-party aircraft service providers. Top domestic locations include Dallas, Texas, Northern California, Chicago, Illinois, Atlanta Georgia, Miami Florida, and New York. These locations were chosen due to their proximity to maintenance provider hubs.
Our initial target is Chicago, Illinois, as our first & evangelist customer AAR, is based there, investing in the company and providing strategic support for the development of the system. Since the aviation industry is decentralized and spread worldwide, there is no regional strategy as it would prove ineffective. Instead, we adopt a national strategy to capture the domestic market.
A global strategy has yet to be defined as further research is required to understand the European aviation market. What Rizse needs to understand is the current market conditions from EMEA, APCA, LATAM, & NAM for aircraft maintenance, regulations, and competitor risk.
Buyer Personas
Vice Presidents of Maintenance
Director of Engineering
Director of Vendor Maintenance
Manager of Vendor Maintenance
Director/VP; Technical Services
Director/VP Business Technology
Director/VP of Quality
Tell me every MRO that exists in the world, who I should target, and how?
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