Product Development and Engineering

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Product Requirements Document (PRD)

I. Executive Summary

Brief overview of the product and its purpose

II. Introduction

Product background
Rationale for development
Key Objectives and business goals

III. Target Market

Description of the target market and user personas

IV. User Stories and Scenarios

Detailed user stories illustrating potential use cases
Scenarios depicting how the product will be used in the context of the user's environment

V. Product Overview

Core functionalities
Secondary features
Detailed description of the user interface and user experience

VI. Detailed Requirements

1. Functional Requirements

Detailed description of each functionality
Expected inputs and outputs

2. Non-functional Requirements

Performance requirements (e.g., speed, accuracy)
Usability requirements
Reliability and error handling
Compatibility and integration with existing systems

VII. System Constraints & Limitations

Hardware or software constraints
Regulatory and compliance considerations
Any potential limitations

VIII. Technical Specifications and Architecture

Overview of the product's technical architecture
Key technologies used in the product

IX. Data Management

Description of how data will be captured, processed, stored, and protected

X. Testing & Quality Assurance

Overview of testing strategy
Quality assurance processes

XI. Future Enhancements (Roadmap)

Planned upgrades or additions to the product

XII. Dependencies & Risks

Potential risks and mitigation strategies
Any dependencies on other systems or resources

XIII. Glossary

Definitions of key terms and acronyms used in the document
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