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Rizse Inc.
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Subject: Letter of Intent to Purchase Rizse System
Dear [Customer's Name],
We are pleased to provide this Letter of Intent (LOI) to express Rizse Inc.'s commitment towards partnering with your esteemed organization, [Customer's Company]. Given your interest in our cutting-edge drone inspection technologies, this LOI sets forth the basic terms of our proposed business relationship.
Product Description:
Rizse offers an innovative automated drone inspection system, providing an accurate, easy-to-use, and safer alternative to traditional aircraft inspection methods. Our system includes an end-user application platform with functionalities such as drone selection, inspection initiation, image review, and report submission for previously ingested 3D lidar systems.
Proposed Purchase:
Subject to successful negotiation and mutual agreement on the terms and conditions, [Customer's Company] intends to purchase a Rizse inspection system. Details regarding the system’s specifications, pricing, and other terms will be defined in a Purchase Agreement.
Performance Metrics and Milestones:
To ensure the system's effective implementation and your satisfaction, we propose several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):
a. System Integration Time: Ensure complete system setup and integration within [agreed time frame] from the date of purchase.
b. Training Completion: Provide comprehensive training to designated [Customer's Company] personnel within [agreed time frame].
c. System Uptime: Achieve a system uptime of [agreed percentage] over the first [agreed time frame].
d. Response Time: Guarantee a response time of less than [agreed time frame] for support-related queries.
e. Inspection Accuracy: Maintain an accuracy rate of [agreed percentage] for aircraft inspections conducted by the drone system.
Tentative Schedule:
Upon agreement to this LOI, we will provide a more detailed project schedule outlining specific dates for delivery, installation, training, and final handover.
All the discussions, information exchanged, and terms agreed upon during this negotiation will remain confidential, except when disclosure is necessary for the execution of the agreement.
This LOI is non-binding and serves as a framework for further negotiations. The final agreement will be subject to due diligence, definitive agreements, and the approval of respective boards.
We are excited at the prospect of this association and look forward to discussing this further. Please sign below to acknowledge receipt of this letter.
Thank you for considering this partnership with Rizse Inc.
Best Regards,
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[Your Position]
Rizse Inc.
Received and Acknowledged By,
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[Customer's Name]
[Customer's Position]
[Customer's Company]
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