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Engineering Daily-standup process

Frequency and Duration: The standup should be held every working day at the same time and in the same place, if possible. It should be limited to 15 minutes to ensure it remains focused and efficient.
Attendees: All members of the engineering team, including software developers, quality assurance, and the project manager or Scrum Master. Other stakeholders can attend but should remain as observers unless specifically called upon.
Structure of the Meeting:
a. Round Robin: Each team member in turn provides their update. This can be guided by answering the following three questions:
What did I accomplish yesterday?
What will I do today?
Are there any impediments in my way?
b. Impediments/Blockers: After all updates are given, any impediments that were raised are discussed briefly. The aim is to identify who will assist in removing the impediment, not to solve the problem during the standup.
c. Closeout: The Scrum Master or project manager ends the standup and, if necessary, schedules any follow-up discussions that need to happen outside of the standup.
Stand-ups are not meant to be problem-solving sessions. Issues that arise should be noted and addressed after the standup with relevant parties.
The meeting should be strictly time-boxed to encourage concise updates.
If a team member is unable to attend, they should share their update with a peer or the Scrum Master to relay during the standup.

Remember, the purpose of the daily standup is to keep the team synchronized, identify potential roadblocks, and keep the project moving forward. It's crucial to make this meeting as efficient and productive as possible.

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