Getting here
X to Quito
Quito is one of 2 international airports that have frequent service to and from US hubs like Houston and Miami. Guayaquil is the other major international airport. Both have multiple daily flights to and from the US, with Guayaquil often being slightly cheaper to fly into.
Next stop: Loja
Loja is the regional capital for Vilcabamba and cultural center of Ecuador. If you fly into Quito you will need to reserve a flight on This is a domestic carrier and can sometimes have sporadic flights to Loja from Quito, so be sure to compare your incoming international flight times with the domestic airline’s service to Loja. Usually they have flights scheduled at 6am on the day they fly to Loja and at least once a week a 4pm flight is available.
If you flew into Guayaquil, the most common way to get to Loja is via bus or shuttle. This is a 10 hour bus ride and very affordable - approximately $15 one way. Aeroregional is expected to start service between Loja and Guayaquil soon so be sure to check when the domestic airline when you book your trip.
Loja to Vilcabamba
This is the easiest part! Loja to Vilcabamba is a 45 min taxi ride and cost approximately $30 one way. Once you land at the regional Loja airport there are always plenty of taxis waiting outside in the parking lot.
Getting around
Taxis & Shuttles
It is fairly easy to get around in the area. Most people do not own their own vehicle but there are plenty of taxis, shuttles and buses that run throughout most hours of the day. There is a convenient bus terminal in the village that goes to regional cities like Loja and Cuenca. Its not uncommon for some people to hire a taxi to drive them all the way to Guayaquil from Vilcabamba but that can be pretty expensive and is a long drive. If you want to travel around the country buses and shuttles are easy to access.

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