The Loja/Vilcabamba region, in the southern part of the country, has been shown to be very open and accepting of expats. In this area the expats and local population are relatively evenly distributed with the English language being spoken by most of the population fairly fluently. The area is home to a wide variety of expats from all over the world, hosting people from Europe, Middle East, Asia and the Americas. Ecuador in general, and especially the Vilcabamba region have historically low rates of violent crime. Anecdotally we have found the locals to be generous and welcoming to foreign immigrants.
Some of the most pressing social issues Ecuador faces
Lack of Judicial Independence
Since 2017 the Court system has gone through a complete overhaul removing all Judges appointed under the previous systems and creating a rigorous process for appointing new judges. The legal system leading to political interference still remains in place, leading to corruption, inefficiency and political interference.
Rights of Indigenous People
The Ecuadorian Constitution has rights of indigenous people included, ensuring the right to free, prior consultation on the impact of development to various local peoples. Although this right is enshrined in the constitution, cases are often brought to the supreme court due to corporations and the government overstepping their bounds and not consulting the local tribe prior to developments.
Women’s and Girl’s Rights
Although 1 in 4 women have reported being affected by violence or rape, abortions are only available when the woman’s life is at risk.
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