A new president was elected recently. The president is a business-focused centrist elected to manage the country’s debt problems and foster growth through outside investments. The current administration is very open to expats and foreigners investing into the local economy. The locals treats foreigners with respect and it is still very safe and friendly to American citizens.
Policy Trends
The recent policy trends of Ecuador are progressive and environmentally conscious. The constitution was revised in 2008 to provide more rights to people and the planet. Ecuador was one of the first countries to institute the Rights of Nature into their National constitution which give the land and natural resources in this country protection in how they are utilized and who can or can not extract from them. The revised constitution also adds support for the indigenous people and their rights to ancestral land.
Ecuador tends to stay low on the radar of the major players in the geopolitical arena. There is low risk of international conflict with Ecuador, its neighbors or any of the major superpowers.
Ecuador is very pro foreign investment and makes it easy for people to get residency. If someone invest at least $40,000 in purchasing a property they will automatically be able to apply for residency. Residency gained this way does have limitations because the property ownership is tied directly to the residency visa. If the property is sold then the person on the title who attached their residency to it would lose it and need to apply for a temporary visa again or purchase a new property.
Properties in this country are easy to develop due to low permitting and zoning restrictions, helping to reduce the cost and time for construction and development.
Residency is not an immediate requirement but it is easy to gain. A 3-month
is granted upon first entry into the country. An extension is available for an additional 3 months. This would allow for a total of 6 months in the country each calendar year or 6 months to file for residency.

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