Public Health system
Ecuador has a comprehensive national system available to all residents regardless of economic status. No insurance is required.
Ranked the 20th most efficient health care system in the world
US ranked 46th
General cost for healthcare are 10%-25% of the cost for the same treatment in the US
General Practitioner Cost: $10-$20 per visit
Specialist Cost: $30-$40 per visit
Often no charge for follow-up visits
For local insurance plans:
Most doctors are trained in Western Universities and speak fluent English
Health insurance is required as of a recent 2017 law but no verification process has been implemented to ensure this requirement is complied with.
We entered without showing any proof of insurance
Insurance is very cheap. The average male in the US could expect to pay $1200/mo and comparable coverage in Ecuador would cost $70/mo
Dental Care
Cleaning: $30-$45
Cavities: $25-$35
COVID Protocols
Vaccines are available to anyone that wants them, regardless of country of origin
Mask mandates are in still in place but loosely enforced in the Vilcabamba area
Most, if not all, expats do not wear masks outdoors
Locals will often wear mask indoors but will not require someone not wearing a mask to do so
Currently, a negative PCR test taken within the last 72 hours is required to enter the country
Ecuador requires non-citizens to be fully vaccinated to enter the country

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