The mountains of southern Ecuador wrap Vilcabamba into a series of intricate, verdant valleys. The Andes play a prominent part of most of Ecuador and make travel in the region slow but well worth the effort. The mountains provide very clean, fresh air and naturally filtered water as it cascades out of the high peaks. In the valleys where most of the populations resides in southern Ecuador, there are very few predators or pests as they prefer to stay high in the mountains and away from populated areas. The region has a lot of steep and varied terrain, forcing people and development to a minimum as there is less buildable areas for humans to populate, minimizing the impact to the local flora and fauna.
Blue zone
are regions of the world thought to have a higher than usual number of people live much longer than average, identified by Gianni Pes and . Vilcabamba has been known for decades to be a powerful area for longevity. The Incans called this the valley of longevity and many people from around the world flock to this area to take advantage of the healthy lifestyle it has to offer.
This bioregion is rich with lush soil and fertile growing cycles. Because of the moderate and stable weather patterns and temperatures it is easily possible to grow food year around. The entire area is located in the Upper Catamayo River Watershed and offers ample access all year long to fresh water from high in the Andes. Vilcabamba is also located between two rain systems that supply it with further access to fresh water while climate patterns maintain a stable shift between rainy days and beautiful sunny days. Due to the stable macro environment and massive amounts of natural water retention the risk of naturally occurring wildfires is greatly reduced.

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