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Reasons that You Should Link Google Sheets to Work Efficiently

Reasons that You Should Link Google Sheets to Work Efficiently

Linking Google Sheets
If you do all your work on Google sheets then linking multiple Google Sheets can help you in completing your work. As linking multiple sheets will help you in analyzing and developing a master view on consolidated information. Moreover, you can also manage your data easily. If you need another confirmation regarding , here are the reasons to do that:
Reasons to link multiple Google Sheets:
Handling data in multiple Google Sheets can take a toll on your time and resources that will prevent you and your team members to work optimally. However, if you have all your data in one single spreadsheet then you can avoid errors and save a ton of hours.
Without linking Google Sheets you have to copy & paste the thousands of rows and columns and you will end up feeling exhausted. You can eliminate this by linking multiple Google Sheets.
If your source data changes then you have to update it manually into your data sets and reports by running it through each report, multiple tabs and sheets that is not an easier task.
If you are looking for a way of linking Google sheets then use Coefficient. It will make the whole process lot easier and more straightforward. For this you just choose your Google Sheets data source file, add filters to refine the information that you want to pull and then import the data with few clicks.
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