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PMMC On Demand - Speakers

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Speaker Recommendations

Dress Attire recommendations

Ask the instructor to send a picture of their outfit to Umut before recording
Product School - Wardrobe Instructions & Filming Tips.pdf
12.9 MB

✅ Things to wear:

Bring 2 extra pairs of clothes (different colors) in case ones you wear are not a good fit
Sleep, eat, hydrate, coffee recommended
Recommend make up

❌Things to avoid:

Don't wear Product School old branded T-shirts or any other Product School merchandise.
Screenshot 2021-06-24 at 18.52.38.png
It's best to avoid wearing hats and remove your glasses if they reflect light (contacts are ok).

🗣️Overall Tone/Pace:

Authoritative, approachable, personable and professional. Imagine you are speaking on a live panel or conference.
No swear words/cursing
No political statements
If you mess up, keep going. Go back a sentence or two if you need to refresh the statement.
Video Shot
Mid-stomach and up
Feel free to express your hands in the shot
Look straight into the camera (your audience)

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