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Tonal's Exec Dashboard

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Tonal's Exec Dashboard

Sync team updates into one doc for executive visibility.
Give executives easier visibility into plans across the org, and eliminate the need for teams to copy-and-paste updates with –– the easiest way to embed pages from different documents into one.
In this example, the page is syncing from the Exec dashboard page in .
Product managers were spending hours compiling and re-writing slide decks to update executives on our progress—copying, pasting, and re-telling the same story again and again.
–– Zach Lebovics, Staff Product Manager at Tonal
Instead of consuming slides that might be out of date, the exec updates from Zach’s teams & all other teams were synced into an “exec binder”. Previously, this took a bunch of crazy spreadsheets, slides, and docs to get the same information across. Now it’s possible with 1 synced page from each team.
This gives you the best of both worlds: The PDE teams get the autonomy to work how they want to, but in a way that gives visibility across the org.
Today, it’s easier than ever to give executives visibility into org-wide execution.
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