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Resource Planning & Allocation Tracker

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Resource Planning & Allocation Tracker

Simplify resource planning so you can staff projects more effectively
Resource planning can be incredibly cumbersome to track in a spreadsheet, especially if you have a complex org structure or have people assigned to multiple teams and projects. This template shows you how to effectively staff your projects so you can manage resources more effectively.

How to use this Doc:


Create custom dashboards so you can see resource allocation by Mission, Pod, Theme or Project. Here are two examples of how you can track this data.
- track resource assignments and set a maximum number of projects per person
- quickly view resources allocation by Pod


These are the tables powering the resource allocation dashboards for this doc. We've selected an org that has Missions, Pods, Themes and Projects, but you can customize this depending on how you organize groups at your company.
- table of people in your company
- tables for missions and pods
- tables for themes and projects

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