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Professional Services Allocation Tracker

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Professional Services Allocation Tracker

Allocate time in a small agency, consultancy, or other team with hourly work.

Please the client, without wearing out the team

Every agency, consulting firm, or other advisory firm has two major objectives - make their client happy with amazing work, and keep the team happy that's delivering the work. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to accurately account for all the work you're putting on the team - and worse, sometimes resources can go under-utilized and you don't have the billings you need.
This template lets you see how much each team member is being utilized based on the projects they're staffed to. It's built with a product, engineering, and design lens, but you can customize it to include other types of roles.


1️⃣ Head over to the section and replace the sample data with your team members' info.
2️⃣ Go to the section and replace the sample data with your own projects. Assign team members using the People column.
3️⃣ Go to the section to indicate how much each role should work on a given project - basically, how much each person is 'utilized' for a given project depending on their role.
4️⃣ Then see how the team is allocated in the resulting section, and how the projects progress over time in the section.


See how each teammate is mapped to each project over time, and their relative over- or under-subscription
See all projects over time, on a gantt chart or a calendar
Enter data on all projects here, including who is assigned
Enter data on all people here
Define how much a given resource can be utilized on a projects; other doc administrative content
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