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Puzzle #7: Wikipedia flashcards

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Puzzle #7: Wikipedia flashcards

For your big puzzle, use the Wikipedia Pack to recreate this guessing game.
Evan Brooks
Originally published 11/30/2018
For your big puzzle, use the to recreate this guessing game.
We did flags but let your autodidactic heart be your guide. If you hook it up right, you won't need any copy/pasting.

Designing the puzzle

Puzzle #7 draws its inspiration from fellow Codans Kenny and Himanshu, who used the MLB pack to create a flashcard game for themselves: a doc. Intrigued by the idea of a flashcards challenge, the puzzle team decided to reconstruct it with the Wikipedia pack.
Our first version looked like this:
An early prototype
We eventually landed on a Select list as the guessing mechanism rather than buttons. This let us build the whole puzzle with a single table.
The finished puzzle

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