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Puzzle #6: Puppygram

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Puzzle #6: Puppygram

A bite-sized puzzle featuring the new Gmail Pack.
Originally published by 11/30/2018 Gil Goldshlager
Makers have created some fabulous docs with
For your bite-sized puzzle, connect the to Coda and make your task tracker a little more motivational.


The Birth of PuppyGram

When we launched Packs last month, it stretched our brains in terms of what could be done in Coda, so we figured we should stretch yours with a couple puzzles!
We wanted Puzzle #6 to be a bite-sized puzzle, and we had a few goals for it. It should be simple and fun enough to be comfortably solved in under an hour. It should encourage creativity in using Packs. And it should ideally be applicable in real docs.
We loved the idea of making a doc send an email. And we knew that every Coda user had a Gmail account, so we decided to construct the puzzle around the Gmail Pack. Now the question was what to email.
The first idea we had was a ‘compliment generator’ which would also make use of the Wikipedia Pack. You would put your friends into a table, add their favorite animals, and send them an email with a picture of the animal and a compliment. (The picture would be automatically pulled from Wikipedia.) It looked like this:
We ultimately decided against it, foremost because it didn’t feel quite applicable. And second, we were still ironing out some issues with the sendEmail() function which made it difficult to get the Wikipedia-generated image to show up in the email. Fortunately, that’s been improved now, as many of you discovered in your puzzle 6 solutions.
Then we thought, what about a button that emailed people a puppy GIF? We’d save the Wikipedia Pack for Puzzle #7, and give you a nice way to reward people on your team for getting things done. Anyway, enough backstory, !
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