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Puzzle #1: The emoji slider

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😍 Puzzle #1: The emoji slider

Can you make an emoji slider?
Originally published 2/1/2018
We love puzzles at Coda. Not only are they our preferred procrastination method, they also get at an important product tenant of ours: Encourage play. Our favorite moment — and the thing we try to engender in our product design — is when work and play converge. When concentration slips into a creative groove while building out a doc, and you build something you didn’t expect.
To that end, we started a Coda Puzzle team, devoted to coming up with wily, often-unnecessary formulas and hacks with which to challenge our coworkers. Last week we thought, why not open this up to everyone, and emailed our users two puzzles.
Big thank you for everyone who participated in the inaugural Coda puzzle set. You discovered formulas we hadn’t thought about for years.

Puzzle #1: The Emoji Slider

We love emoji sliders at Coda. They bring an emotional precision and nuance to our workplace communication. You can find them in virtually all of our internal project tracking docs, and the majority of the rest. An obvious choice for a bite-sized puzzle:


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