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Online Store Tracker
An easy to use, organization tool for your online store. Use this doc to track projects/products you are working on, current sales, stock and future products.

How to use:

Start by going to the where you can find a Status view of all the Products that are being worked on for your online store. You can click the Add Product button at the top to add a product.
You can edit the statuses and the products tables below.
You can go to page to keep track of current products that are for sale. You can keep track of the stock and when you sell an item you can click the stock button to reduce the stock my 1 at a time.
The is a form that you can share with customers for feedback and custom orders.
The is a form that Customers can use to order items. When they order something and you want to turn it into a project, you can upload it to the Table and have it easily part made a part of your workflow.
Finally the most exciting part of my Capstone Project is the Google Bot which currently has 1 feature which backs up the Products in the Making to Google Sheets. Using a Google Script and by making it accessible from the button on the Coda page you can simply upload all of the data from that table to Google Sheets. This is very useful for keeping all of your product information store safely since Coda has a small capacity for storage.
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