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"What Are You Watching?"

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My team is located all over the world ー different offices, different regions, different time zones.
It’s hard to find time that works for everyone to bond and build relationships, especially now in our fully remote working reality. So, we’ve been looking for ways to keep the morale up and conversations going.
One thing we have in common is that we love to watch TV shows and movies. And I don’t just mean any kind of love. I mean passion. We live and breathe content. We have worked on many productions and shows. It runs through our veins. There are always lots of chats and debates happening in the office and virtually about the content available to us on all the different viewing platforms!
That’s where this Coda doc idea stems from. We wanted to create a collaborative forum for everyone to share what they’ve been watching, how they feel about it, see who else is watching it, and start some fun (and spicy!) conversations around them.


Start by going to . This is where the magic happens.
To add a show to the list, click on the “Add A Show” button at the top of the page.
To vote on a show, you must first have "Watched!" it. Once you click on that "Finished Watching!" button, the buttons to vote if you “Loved It!” or “Hated It!” will enable.
To add a show to , click on the open red circle button on the left ("Add") column.
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