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Chris Marsh

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I'm Chris, I'm British but I live in San Francisco where I lead a team of market intelligence experts helping B2B technology vendors understand their market opportunities and risks. At all other times I'm a father, husband and enthusiast for the outdoors.
Here you’ll find a bit about who I am, what I do and what interests me.
I’m proudly British and hail originally from the Midlands in the UK where one of the most momentous transformations in world history started with the . I grew up fascinated to learn about figures like Cartwright, Stephenson, Locke, Brunel, the Chartists and others.
For the past eight years I have lived in the Bay Area - home to the current transformation that is the digital revolution. I have spent over a decade working with many of the technology companies driving the intense digital innovation that’s reshaping the world. I’m fortunate to work with and be challenged by curious minds and smart intellects on a daily basis.
I lead a research program and team that analyzes different categories of workforce productivity, collaboration and employee engagement technologies. We advise vendors in those categories on their product and market strategies. We are part of the Technology, Media and Telecomms (TMT) division of .
I am driven by and try to always embody the following: hard work and perseverance, respect and kindness for those I come across, independence of mind and self-awareness, and the ability to generate and evaluate different perspectives.
When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter and extended family, and hiking, biking and road-tripping around beautiful California.
Say hello!, .
*The header image was taken from the ramparts of , sitting directly under Golden Gate Bridge. Fantastic views to the vast Pacific beyond and into the Bay.
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