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Workshop Follow-up


We need to triage (examine problems in order to decide which ones are the most serious and must be dealt with first) new tasks and workstreams before we commence work:
Workstreams are often initiated or assigned outside of the team
There’s no process in place for starting/prioritising/measuring our work
We often say ‘yes’ to anything that comes our way
We have OKRs, but our overall objectives and goals aren’t clear
2×2 Prioritization Matrix.jpg
When new work comes up, follow this system:
If you think it’s Type A: Bring it to the team, explain the project/workstream, get help, make a plan, set a deadline.
If you think it’s Type B: Just get on with it, share with the team, make a plan if needed.
If you think it’s Type C: Keep a record, and do it when you have time, update the team if needed.
If you think it’s Type D: Don’t do it.

Project Tracker
We need a single place to track everything we’re working on.
We have a lot of workstreams
We’re not recording what we’re doing
We’re not blocking off time to work on high-impact projects
The wider team don’t know what we’re working on
Jira isn’t working
Project Tracker Draft
Date Added
Add date
A, B, or C
Who owns this? etc
Description of the problem and our objectives
More detailed and relevant notes
When this needs to be completed by
Not Started/Blocker/Ongoing/Complete
Link to supporting docs
Any additional comments
There are no rows in this table

We need to share our project tracker externally, and use this as our source of truth for all workstreams.
We don’t have enough visibility on what our team mates are working on
The wider team have no idea what we are doing
We need to review how we receive and exchange messages and information from different stakeholders, assess how we communicate to the wider team, and increase the frequency of intra-team communications.
We don’t know enough about each other and what we’re working on
Our communications with the wider team are disjointed and irregular
We get a lot of questions via different channels

End of week wrap ups? Daily Stand-ups (via Teams)?
Another session to map out how we should handle communications - what is the role of the CNSE Hub Teams Channel? How can we use the cnse@ email? Should we do weekly updates etc?
We lack a team structure, so we should start to think about how we define our roles and responsibilities.
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