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I use this Coda doc to provide structure to my direct report's 1:1s. You are welcome to use this for your own 1:1s. Simply copy and configure this doc for each of your direct reports. I've found the best cadence for 1:1s to be weekly, 30 minute meeting.


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- I find it useful for both the supervisor and supervisee to explicitly define their expectations for 1:1 meetings. For avoidance of doubt, throughout this doc "you" refers to your direct report, and "me" refers to you, their manager. That sounds a little confusing but it should be clear when reviewing the doc.
- This section serves as the focus of the meeting. The supervisee should add topics to this section throughout the week. If useful for both parties, the supervisee can use the "Email Agenda" function to send their manager the agenda prior to the meeting. As a manager I find it useful to get an email reminder of the agenda, but you may determine that it's unnecessary. Ultimately, how you run your 1:1s is up to you. To maintain a historical record of your 1:1s, after each meeting, duplicate the Active Agenda (be sure to select the copy data option) and and move the doc to the section.
- 1:1s tend to focus on short-term issues of urgency, which is good. However it's also important to focus on your report's longer term growth goals. Your reports should define their own growth goals, with guidance from you. Explicitly defining these goals and bringing them front and center helps to ensure a focus on your team's professional growth.

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