Charmi Chokshi


I am a Master's student in Machine Learning at
and the , Canada.

Previously, I was a Machine Learning Engineer at a fast-paced startup, . There, in the span of 2.5 years, I built an AI-Powered Document Understanding Platform to automate paperwork involved in global supply chains. Prior to that, I was a Research Trainee at the where I worked in the Smart-cities Mission of India. I hold Bachelor’s in Information and Communication Technology from , India.

I am passionate about tech & community and my journey has led me to become an international speaker and one of the youngest and around the globe. To date, I have spoken at 30+ conferences, and have trained 20k+ professionals and students in ML, DL, TensorFlow, GCP.

I have always been curious about the human brain’s functionality and want to tweak its neural circuits! 🧠 👩‍💻

Talk to me about Technology, Art, and Travelling! ❤️

Learn. Apply. Share. Repeat.


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