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Managing a Book of Business in Coda

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Managing a Book of Business with Coda

Keep track of all your client tasks, meetings, and upcoming renewals with Coda
Being in a customer-facing role, I’m always looking for efficient ways to keep track of all the moving parts happening across all of my accounts. I’ve tried multiple tools - such as AirTable and Evernote - to manage my clients, but nothing has worked quite as well as Coda. As an all-in-one doc, Coda gives me the ability to take long-form notes, while still having access to tables to track tasks, meetings, and renewal dates
This Coda doc makes it easy to have a high level view of all your clients, know who you have meetings scheduled with and who you don’t, and keep on top of the deliverables you owe your clients. I hope you find it as helpful as I do in managing your day to day.

What this doc includes:

Use this Coda doc to manage your book of business

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