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About this to-do list

How I use at work:

Color-coding by project and priority

Easily pick out all tasks related to a project by scanning through the colors.
The three priority levels are colored with a pink → purple → blue gradient, with the calmest color, blue, representing the least pressing tasks. No red on this to-do list!

Top priority vs priority

In addition to sorting tasks by priority, I can toggle on Top priority, which colors the task purple and helps me zero in on just one thing.
Depending on which meetings and deadlines are coming up, I often find myself switching on this toggle between different tasks as the top priority shifts.

Indicating effort helps me organize my day

I find that I focus better in the morning, so I plan to do harder tasks earlier in the day.
When it’s 4:30pm and I’m tired, or if there’s only 15 minutes until the next meeting, I’ll use this column to pick out some low-effort tasks.
Low effort could also mean quicker tasks.

Include extra context if needed

If there are lots of links or instructions needed for a task, I’ll add it to the Context column. It’s like a notepad.
Usually, I can get away with adding any required information to the task description itself.

Due dates are marked in bold in the task description

It’s easy to scan the list and pick out due dates.
Didn’t make this into its own column because some tasks may not have a due date.

Archive tasks that are no longer relevant without deleting them

My to-do list needs to stay relevant, so I’ll periodically prune away tasks I feel are no longer necessary, or aren’t a priority.
However, I don’t like to delete tasks in case they become relevant later. Instead, I archive them, which grays them out and pushes them to the very bottom, where they’re still accessible.

Once a task is marked as done, it’s sorted to the bottom and colored green

I picked this color because it’s satisfying to see the block of green steadily growing as I finish tasks.
Make it your favorite color!

Want to try it out?

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Delete tasks
After copying, clear out the existing tasks, if you want. Feel free to delete this page too!

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