Plant Parent Carebook

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Hey, you leaf lover!

I know you love plants and I know you want to take the best care of them - but it’s hard to remember who needs what when! Especially when you’ve got some plant divas. This carebook is designed to help you organize your home habitat so all your plants get the love they deserve and no leaf is left behind.

Clear Sample Data


Add Plant Species

Start by entering the general care guidelines for each plant species you own. Use colorful scales to visually represent water, sunlight, temperature, and humidity needs, making it easy to see at a glance how to keep your plant in optimal health.

Add Plant Babies

Then for each individual plant, create a card detailing unique care instructions. Cards link to their respective species for a holistic view of their care needs. Here, you can also label the status of each plant, identifying which ones are living their best lives and which may need some extra attention.

Create Care Plan and Track Care

Develop a customized care plan for each of your plants, noting how frequently to water, fertilize, and perform other essential tasks. Log each care activity to kick-start the schedule, then with our automated system, the next care occurrence will appear as soon you click done. This feature also allows for tracking of one-time care actions or ongoing health observations, like growth spurts or treating infections.

Care Away Every Day

Your homepage is designed to display daily weather conditions alongside needed care tasks, enabling you to adjust plant care as needed. Whether it's moving plants to avoid scorching sun or gathering rainwater, you’ll be informed and ready. All pending care tasks appear on your dashboard, ensuring you don’t miss out on nurturing any of your green companions.

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