Stake youth photo contest details
Communication Plan


Audience: Ward Bishoprics, Branch Presidencies, Ward Youth leaders, Stake Youth leaders
Subject: Announcing the Gateway Stake Youth Photo Challenge


Over the next several weeks the stake is hosting a youth photo challenge. We’re doing this for following reasons:
To provide uplifting activities and encourage the youth to interact with each other in these isolating times.
The youth have immense power to lift the spirits of all those around them. We feel these weekly photo challenges will not only be something for them to look forward to but will also lift the spirits of their families.

How it works

Youth will be given 1 or 2 weekly photo challenges. These photo challenges will range from things like a lemon juice challenge to taking a picture of your family dressed up in Halloween costumes.
Youth will post their week’s photo challenge at . Here, they will also see the photos posted by others.


Weekly Prize Draws: We’ll be drawing winner(s) for weekly treat prizes like a box of gum, container of sour soothers, etc. To enter the draw the youth has to post that week’s challenge by the deadline.
Grand Prize Draws: For every photo challenge the youth completes they can earn up to one draw entry, per challenge, by submitting a photo for that challenge. At the end of the photo challenge, we will have several draws for grand prizes. These prizes will range from Airpods to Spotify subscriptions to drones to skateboards to clothes and more.
We are very excited to see how this brings the stake youth together and uplifts all those around them. Also, a special thank you to the youth on the stake youth committee in helping come up with the prizes and challenges.
We’ll be sending another email with the first week’s challenge shortly.
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