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Welcome guide

Watch this video to kickstart your exploration of the Pleo Alumni List.

Why has Pleo gone through layoffs?

Pleo used to grow like crazy, we’re talking 100+ new employees a month, crazy. The market conditions were good, business was booming, so we needed to do more, yesterday.
And then the market conditions changed, and we needed to relook at our strategy & structure, and figure out how we could keep the same level of ambition while keeping costs to a minimum.
This restructure reduced our workforce to a size that makes sense for our vision & strategy moving forward. It has nothing to do with the potential, or performance, of our people impacted by them.

What unique qualities do Pleo Alumni have?

The one thing that all Pleo Alumni have is a shared set of values that we test for throughout the interview process, and evaluate their performance on internally.

They’re Trustworthy, and Transparent in their ways of working

Pleo Alumni are trustworthy, and thrive well in an environment that gives them trust back, and treats them like adults. They are used to an organisation that is transparent with them.


They’re Human

Being human (1).png
Pleo Alumni have been coached in authentic leadership, encouraged to show up at work as their full selves, and deeply care about one another. In our Layoff calls, many impacted individuals were offering support and virtual hugs for the people hosting their layoff call. Pleo Alumni are kind, compassionate and caring. They have heart.

They’re entrepreneurs

Pleo Alumni were not let go because of their potential, contribution, or performance. They are some of the individuals who made Pleo into the unicorn that it is today - our success is largely because of the work that they put in. They have entrepreneurship pulsing through their veins, and a bias for action & getting things done.

What do people get when working at Pleo?

They’ve been part of building a unicorn

Pleo’s a successful fintech, and became , last year. They know what it takes to build a successful company.
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They can work in hyper growth

Pleo’ers learn how to work in fast-pace, hyper growth environments where things move fast, and they have had to master how to be successful in a constant state of change.

They have worked with a diverse group of people

If you look at nationalities alone, Pleo represents 88 different nationalities - that’s a lot of culture clashes to come up against! This means you are likely to find someone who is open-minded, and has been exposed to differences.
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How to navigate the Pleo Alumni List


Designed for people who recruit, by people who recruit

Remember us saying we used to hire 100+ people a month? Like you, we know how to recruit. We’ve tried to design our Alumni List in a way that makes it as easy as possible for you to matchmake with great talent, that’s part of our Alumni group.

Search by career interests

Here at Pleo, we like to hire people from all sorts of backgrounds - experience isn’t always the deciding factor for us. Because of this, we’ve created a “filter by career interests” view, so you can see people who might not have had a background in one area in Pleo, but could be interested in growing in that direction. Think: someone who is interested in working in People, but has a background in Engineering.

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Location, location, location

We’re a hybrid organisation, where most people can work from anywhere. Take advantage of our in-depth location filters - to find out someone’s:
Work mode (onsite/ hybrid/ remote)

Looking for a reference?

Want to find out more about some of our Pleo Alumni? Feel free to reach out to us on with the subject “Reference: Pleo Alumni” and we’ll try to help you out.

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Enough said

Click the button below to head over to our Alumni List. Happy matchmaking!

Are you a Pleo Alumnus and want to get on the list?

If you were affected by the layoffs, you should have received a email from us to your personal email, inviting you to fill out an Airtable form. Can’t find it? Drop us a line on with the subject: “Looking for link to get onto the Pleo Alumni List” and we’ll get right on it.
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