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April 27 - International Design Day

Calgary UX - International Design Day

Time: 6 PM Date: April 27, 2023 ​Zoom link: ​ Title: Description: Name: Sascha Hass
Title: Head of Design for a dynamic financial technology firm (Financeit Inc.)
Experience: 15 (+) years of digital design and creative experience, 7 (+) of those with team management/mentoring and supervisory skills
Worked at: Startups, Fintech, agencies such as (Questrade, Bank of Montreal, TD Bank, Adidas, Chris Hadfield, Loblaws, …)
Currently: Leading a team of UX researchers, strategists, product designers + responsible for branding and all visual communication to support the marketing and product teams at Financeit.
International recognition and design awards: Type Directors Club New York, Communication Art Award, ADCC Advertising & Design Club Canada and Applied Arts Award, Canadian Business Innovation Awards
And here is the deck that I like to present: ​ LinkedIn: ​
International Design Day (April 27) International Design Day is a global event celebrating design's power to shape and improve the world around us. It is held annually on April 27 and is organized by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID).
International Design Day aims to raise awareness about the importance of design in all areas of life, from products and services to systems and environments. It serves as a platform to showcase the work of designers and design organizations worldwide and highlights design's role in addressing global challenges and creating positive change.
International Design Day is celebrated in many countries worldwide, with events and activities that recognize and honour the contributions of designers. These include exhibitions, conferences, workshops, and other educational and networking opportunities. International Design Day is also marked by the United Nations, which has designated the day as a global observance.
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