Hey David, i’ll communicate with you in Slack from her on in…or until you/we can decide if we embed #slack into _ sending JOB DESCRIPTION I HAD POSTED ON UPWORK IN A SEC FOR YOU….then let’s jump on a Google Meet Chat. BTW, did you study basic Accounting or are you familiar with Xero?
Coda | Everything evolves, the evolution of documents.
Coda | Everything evolves, the evolution of documents.
With Coda, teams can jump in quickly, collaborate effectively, and make progress together. Coda feels familiar like a doc and engaging like an app.
David J Carlino
yes i use xero right now plus used it for over 3 years
did accounting 6 subjects too with excel charts formulas etc
Looking for an Expert in Coda.ai and Workflow Integration
We are seeking an experienced expert to re-architect our workflow and integrate various tools for optimal efficiency. Our current workflow involves using Gmail, Calendar, ToDoist, and multiple cloud storage services, which we recognize as inefficient.
Our goal is to eliminate Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, ToDoist, and Apple native products entirely, and instead use as our primary source for managing actionable items like to-do lists, task lists, documents, team members, and spreadsheets, among others.
We are looking for someone who can set up as a repository to replace our current Google Drive Folder Set-Up and integrate it with Google Calendar for scheduling events. The ideal candidate will have experience with as an AI email client and Tome.app for creating pitch decks. Additionally, we are considering integrating chat.open.ai and into our workflow and personal.ai as a quasi personal assistant.
We need an expert who can efficiently integrate these tools for optimal workflow practices. Once the framework is set up, we will need all our current documents pulled into . We currently have the PRO Edition for , making the transition non-laborious.
The ideal candidate should be experienced in , work quickly and efficiently, and be open to suggestions for the best repository format and email/task/calendar integration or native Coda.ai best practices to streamline our workflow.
If you have experience in and can efficiently integrate multiple tools for optimal workflow practices, please apply.
$300 Fixed Price
David J Carlino
okay great
This was the other job ad I had on UpWork…you can do both!
David J Carlino
ill take on as many work as possible
Job Title: Xero Expert for Private Equity Firm
We are a Private Equity firm specializing in Mergers and Acquisitions. Unfortunately, in 2017, our founder was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour and is still on Income Protection insurance. We are in urgent need of an Xero expert familiar with Australian taxation principles to tidy up our messy 'Chart of Accounts' and ensure proper accounting practices are being followed.
We have been using personal accounts (linked to Xero) to pay for company expenses, and we need help reconciling these accounts correctly to ensure that the company's expenses are debited to the P&L and credited to the Director Loan Account in the Balance Sheet. Additionally, we need to separate different cost centres in Xero under the one entity and account for expenditure on potential investments.
The successful candidate will be responsible for cleaning up our 'Chart of Accounts,' ensuring that the file and transactions are up to date and balanced, and reconciling personal accounts with linked transactions to Xero. We need a shortcut to reconcile these accounts in bulk or generate a recurring 'rule' to debit the company's P&L expenses and credit the Director Funds Introduced Liability Account in the Balance Sheet.
The candidate should also be able to reconcile transactions made with store cards like Afterpay or Zip, which are not linked to Xero, and when the repayments of those transactions on the store cards are expenses for the company/trust. We need the candidate to help us with interest-bearing and interest-free payments coming from personal accounts that are linked to Xero.
We are in urgent need of an Xero expert with exceptional communication and experience. The job has a strict deadline, and we require the candidate to be available either on Sunday or Monday-Wednesday this week. We will provide the Xero file to the top three shortlisted candidates.
We have provided an hourly rate for the discovery section of the job, but we expect the candidate to quote on the work as a project. Once we are happy with the quality of work, we will look to engage the candidate for ongoing work.
If you are an Xero expert with exceptional communication and experience, please apply.
$300 Fixed Price
Let’s jump on a Google Meet now if you want to start?

Also RE: LNTLEZ. Read the website. Watch the VIMEO to understand the product and understand where we are in the segment. Current competitor is - they sell a product far in superior to ours for $25k. With the Dr Dish you will also require a - So just sub $30k. Not only do you incur this cost, you also are constrained by the fact that you need 15m x 10m to use one of these ‘Dr Dish’ machines. The Dr Dish also only allows long range shooting, or the arc of the shot is effected. Then the mesh netting visually impairs players. The ball only gets passed to one location or you manually have to change the netting system. The HMI is similar to ours, yet the UI of the back end will be the first automated AR cut’n’paste application created. With AR Goggles from Snapchat or Niantic Labs (have offered us $6M - pending our valuation negotiations in which you will be privy too), you will be able to play one v one vs anyone in the world in real time (12 months away still due to Avatar and Skeletal Tracking Software that we are created. The HMI will have a payment gateway that accepts tap and pay. So say Lebron James puts up a skills challenge on the UI - it gets auto created into a drill to be deployed to the database OTA. Then users can compete to try and get the best score. The 5 x highest scores in each category and the 5 x most improved players (the 5 x people who spend the most (you will see on a table) will get the opportunity to meet Lebron in real time for a 20 second intro (instant translation built in the AR lenses, have a 40 second real time skills challenge and then a 20 second outro. An experience that people will pay a fortune to have the privilege to have - estimated revenue on 1 x drill alone is in the tens of millions - pricing every drill at sub $4…but allowing the user to have as many attempts (encouraged) as possible. Metrics for that have been built via analytic data. Eventually you will be able to compete against him 1v1 in real time, have it recorded in the app to show your friends (with Bluetooth vibration sleeves for fouls). So as life like as it gets. That’s the B2C model in a Sentance. Then the B2B model is physical locations like - they hit 600 members at month 2, 900 at month 6, 1200 at month 9 (capacity) - within a year they have opened 3 x locations to attempt to keep up with the demand. Our model allows us to do Shooting, dribbling, S&C etc in an alley 3-4m wide, as opposed to 15m in width. When you own the space, and minimize labour costs, you will monopolise. The memberships are $49/week (month to month) or $39/week based on an annual contract.

The advanced basketball training system further includes a flooring system. The flooring system (not shown). The flooring system comprises a customized LED matrix board wherein the matrix boards are programmable LED p12.5 customized matrix board with 100% Translucent Polyolefin (with grey silk screen) FIBA-approved court tile. The court tile can be removed and replaced easily when needed during maintenance or a replacement. The floor uses 250mm x 250mm p12.50 Matrix Remote Controllable tiles that are attached to FIBA approved and 100% transparent (with grey silk screen) polyolefin sports/basketball court tiles also measuring 250mm x 250mm and are approximately 16mm in width. These above-mentioned polyolefin court tiles overlay the LED floor panels and due to the translucent nature of the court tiles and the Glue On Board (GOB) attachment of the p12.50 LED Matrix boards to the translucent sports/court tiles, the lines on the court, within the ‘shooting alleys’ (see explanation below), instantaneously change the basketball court line marking to be congruent with the position of the backboard and rim. The term ‘shooting alleys’ refer to the areas i which the product is placed.
One of the improvements to the patent is the space saving capabilities of the product. As other like products rely on the mechanism to sit underneath an existing backboard and rim on a basketball court.
The space requirements are 15m x 11m as seen in the diagram below (fig 1). Our invention however has an automatically rotatable backboard and rim, where the rim rotates around its centre point, via the XY axis’ guide rails an the subsequent motor configurations. The backboard can rotate at speeds of 180 degrees in under 3 x seconds. That is rotating a FIBA 1 (NBA Regulation) backboard and rim measuring 72” wide x 48” high x 1/2” deep, made from tempered glass. Also attached to the backboard and rim that is also rotated at above-mentioned speeds is the ‘Ball Capture System’ made using 2 x torsion springs and 2 x motors, to not only deploy the L Shaped custom Carbon Fibre tubing (combined with a mesh material that joins the L Shaped tubing) in approximately 100 milliseconds, but also after the ball is instantaneously placed in the ball guide rail, the subsequent side in which the ‘Ball Capture System’ was deployed, the said motor on the given side that the ball missed, will then shorten the torsion spring in under 2.5 seconds to be ready for the next missed shot if needed. Thus, unlike its competitors, the user:
(a) only needs a minimum of 2 meters of width, to shoot every single shot imaginable that a player can, on a regulation FIBA 1 Basketball Court (15m width) on a FIBA 1 Regulation Backboard and hoop, at a speed of up to 1 x shot every 2.5 seconds. This means that teams, facilities and homes can fit the invention into either smaller width areas or fit up to 7 x times more shooting / rebounding machines in their commercial premises or basketball organization or school etc &;
(b) the player also unlike competitor products will have a totally uninterrupted visual view of the backboard and rim when shooting. As unlike competitor products the inventions ‘Ball Capture System’ will be not visible to the player when shooting and the inventions system will only be deployed on the side of the rim where the ball is going to miss with a 99% degree of accuracy. If the shot is also subsequently predicted with the same 99% degree of accuracy to go in the rim, the ‘Ball Capture System’ will not even be deployed. The competitor products rely on manually adjustable telescopic arms that are held together by a black nylon material with square nylon netting measuring approximately 4” in width per square. Thus the players view and ‘shot arc’ are always interrupted visually and bio-mechanically, when it comes to the manual height set of the telescopic ball capture system. The competitor system is also flawed by way of only capturing around 60% of missed shots (try and find stats on that and an image of the competitor product or refer to the details in the patent of either DrDish or TheGun12k). Whereas our invention captures up to 99% of missed shots.
(c) the inventions flooring as described above also will give players the feeling like they are shooting on a FIBA 1 regulation 15m wide and line marked court, as mentioned above, the court lines in the ‘shooting alleys’ instantaneously adopt the exact court lines seen on a FIBA 1 court, even though they are in a ‘shooting alley’, anywhere from 2m - 5m wide. As soon as the backboard is swiftly moved into the new shooting position, the FIBA 1 court lines instantaneously adopt the line markings as that of a FIBA 1 / NBA court, (even in a ‘shooting alley between 2-5 meters). This will all be controlled by the inventions Operating System.
(d) unlike competitor products, that manually control the distance of the ball being passed to the player, our invention will deploy the basketball at the exact height required by the player and at the exact distance. This is done via the inventions ‘ball propulsion machine’ - NOW FO ON TO EXPLAIN HOW THAT WORKS.
(e) our invention also allows players to not only work on 3 x point shots, players will be able to work on skills, S&C and short range shots, even lay-ups. This is due to the fact unlike the competitors manually adjustable ball capture / rebound system, our invention allows players to take visually uninterrupted shots at a FIBA 1 / NBA grade backboard and rim, due to the inventions ‘Ball Capture System’. Please note that for safety concerns, if the player is shooting from within 1.2 meters of the hoop, the ‘Ball Capture System WILL NOT be deployed. This however allows safe use of the invention.
So if the ‘shooting alley’ has, say a width of 2m and a length of 8m (from under the baseline), then the number of tiles required would be:
2m x 8m = 16 sqm. Each sqm requires 4 x 250mm tiles. Therefore 4 tiles x 16 = 64 LED court floor tiles connected. Each floor tile comprises an LED board provided with proximity sensors. The floor screen (screen= n*m matrix of floor tiles) is used to display various designs corresponding to a sports floor, for example, basketball, volleyball, etc. The interactive system will consist of two features. The first feature shows static floor maps pre-defined. Second, a dynamic floor system. The dynamic floor system will display multiple timers, ball catch locations, a path defined by a coach/player for practice, and various screens displayed related to the sports.[0074] In one embodiment, the flooring system displays the position of a court according to the rotatable position of the backboard. In other words, when the backboard rotates, the display on the flooring also rotates according to the display of the actual position of the court to the player.[0075] Thus, various modifications of these disclosed embodiments are apparent to those skilled in the art, from the description and the accompanying drawing. The principle associated with the various embodiments described herein may be applied to the other embodiments. Therefore, the description is not intended to be limited to the embodiments shown along with the accompanying drawings but is to be providing the broadest scope of consistency with the principles and the novel and inventive features disclosed or suggested herein. Accordingly, the invention is anticipated to hold on to all other such alternatives, modifications, and variations that fall within the scope of the present invention and appended claims.

No need for business plan. You will learn how we develop our Plans / Cash Flow analysis. It’s sensitive data, but if you get these basic things right…it’s where you will go toward. We are already looking at a $20M pre-money valuation with Niantic Labs. Unless the NBA bid higher…which they likely will

FYI - Lebron would only charge $250k independently. Free if we deal direct with the NBA as it increases fan engagement, yet allows players the privacy. Check out HomeCourt.ai - it’s initially going to be similar to this, but with lightweight eyewear, and the graphics are lifelike in the B2B bays or at your home.
The other parent is based off this company: ASB Glass Flooring. We have created a Polyolefin 100% transparent sports court tile (FIBA 1 approved) using programmable high nit LED sheet lighting on a piece of thin TPE, I’m between the 2 x halves of the PO tile….see attached image. ASB charge $10,000 per SQM for an inferior product. We charge $50/SQM for a better more advanced product.
learn the market and the business. Step 1 though. Systematise coda…so we can store these chats in a repository!!!!

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