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Internal Testing and demo Account


We created a dedicated Cloud4Wi account, configured with all the capabilities (Splash, Spaces, Compass) internal testing and demos.
Cloud4Wi Account: Internal Test Environment / TE-3697391205


Each team member has an individual account to login to
From the dashboard, you can click the Compass link to open the Compass dashboard.
DO NOT Change any configurations.

What you can do

around your home location in the Compass dashboard (use a recognizable name such as “Ivan home”)
If you have a test AP, create a Location using a recognizable name (such as “Ivan home”), and add your test AP (our team is assisting to complete this phase)
Visualize analytics and reports, both in the classic dashboard and in the Compass dashboard
related to your accounts in Compass > Moments > Events

If you need a test AP, contact Ivan.

What you will experience

Receive a push notification whenever you enter and leave in any of the Locations of the account
Receive a push notification whenever you enter/exit a geofence

Mobile App

Team member can install the Cloud4Wi Toolkit app to experience directly the full set of mobile-driven Compass capabilities.
iPhone users can download the app from the App Store
Android users can download the app form the Google Play

App onboarding

Follow the instructions here:
Below the QR code to scan on the first screen of the app.
qr-code (2).png
On the signup screen make sure to signup with your company email address.

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