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Highly Relatable

An in-depth onboarding document
Welcome to Highly Relatable!
We’re so excited to have you join our growing community and wanted to be sure you had all the information you needed at your fingertips.


Highly Relatable is a community created by C4 Talent, for all current human resource professionals, or leaders who are considering human resource. This community aims to connect, collaborate, and learn from each other.
At C4 Talent, our primary focus is to champion the significance and impact of the People and Development industry. Gone are the days when Human Resources was viewed solely as an administrative function. Today, the strategic elevation of HR professionals and departments contributes positively to a company's top and bottom line. C4 Talent is as the needs of individual and company talent evolve.
We will achieve our mission of elevating HR with a dual approach: support the individuals within the field and the employers seeking outstanding people strategy and operations.
If you know other human resource professionals (or people wanting to be human resource professionals) who want to join, please reach out to one of our team members to assist you.

Getting Started

Sign in to slack and introduce yourself in #1-introductions (include your name, location, human resource experience, and a fun fact)
Explore our community channels and topics. You can have an in-depth view of our current slack channels here:
Be sure to review our community guidelines. It’s important to maintain a positive and inclusive environment. You can read through our full community guideline here:
Stay updated on everything that’s happening on Highly Relatable by adding #0-bulletin-board & #1-headlines on your slack’s starred channels. You can do so by right clicking these channels and selecting “Star channel”.

Important Links

Member Resources
Slack message wiki: EST 07/2023
Community Directory: Submit your profile via this link:
We're excited to highlight the passion and expertise of HR professionals in our newsletter! We've prepared a list of questions that will allow you to showcase your enthusiasm for the field and share valuable insights to help other HR pros. If you'd like to be featured, please fill out the form and join our community directory.
Our community directory is an exclusive resource for members, featuring profiles, pictures, and key information about each participant. This directory aims to facilitate collaboration and networking among our members, ensuring that it remains accessible only to those who have submitted their own information. By contributing your profile, you'll unlock access to this valuable platform and connect with like-minded HR professionals.


The channels are organized with number prefixes, which do not represent priority or value, but just a way of organizing them and the order that most will want to access them by.
We do all of our communicating in slack, so it’ll be helpful to know what’s what.
When you first join, please introduce yourself in the #0-introductions channel and include your name, location, experience, and a fun fact.
The channels with the 0 prefix are meant to be read-only channels. This is so that the information dissemination is smooth and everyone is updated accordingly. Kindly avoid chatting on channels with a 0 prefix.
#0-bulletin-board is only for community leaders / admins / official team members to post important announcements.
#0-introductions as previously mentioned.
The channels with the 1 prefix are the main community discussion channels:
#1-career corner: This channel can be used to share career advice and tips for those looking to advance in the HR field.
#1-connect-and-converse: This channel is for introductions and networking opportunities among HR community members.
#1-hr-headlines: This channel can be used to share the latest news and trends in the HR industry.
#1-hr-practices: This channel is for sharing strategies that us HR professionals use in other organizations.
#1-today-at-work: This channel is for discussing daily work experiences, talking through situations, and getting questions answered by fellow HR professionals.

Getting More Involved

Congratulations on familiarizing yourself with the basics of our "Highly Relatable" community! Now, it's time to dive deeper and get more involved. Discover exciting opportunities to connect, contribute, and engage further with fellow members. Let's explore how you can take your participation to the next level and make the most of your experience in our vibrant community.
Coaching Programs - Everyone can use a bit of support and guidance from time to time but consistency is key to long-term success. Our Coaching Programs provide extended support as you map your goals and dive into the root causes of your personal challenges to lead with more impact and value.
Customized Coaching - Need a tailor-made program for reaching personal and professional goals? Customized Coaching is for People Leaders looking for support, inspiration and an accountability partner which fits their unique needs.
Membership & Community - Feel like you have no one to talk to about that specific challenge at work? Want feedback from experienced peers in your field? Seeking resources to level up your skills? Joining one of our Relatable Memberships is a great way to learn by exposure to other experts in the HR and People space.
1:1 VIP Days - Get an expert “personal trainer” for the day without being constrained by a group program! No matter your unique needs, a one-on-one VIP day gives you dedicated time with an expert to achieve your chosen goals.
Assessments and Engagement - One of the easiest yet most impactful ways to improve a leader’s efficacy and improve employee engagement is to conduct an assessment. There are numerous programs for accessing work styles and behaviors - at C4 Talent, we have the ones that not only support your career objectives, they support you “whole"istically. [DiSC Work Style Assessment, Energy Leadership Assessment, Emotional Intelligence Assessment, Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment, Positive Intelligence Assessment]

If you’d like to refer someone else to the community—which we extremely appreciate—just share their LinkedIn profile in #0-please-invite and our team will reach out, mentioning your name.

Community Guidelines

Slack Guidelines

Ask questions — be sure to ask members for help or advice. More than likely, someone has been in your shoes before.
Help others by answering questions posted by other members.
Ask for feedback on something you’re working on.
Thank members who take the time to reply to your posts.
Say hello to new members and welcome them into the community.
Be friendly, helpful, and encouraging.
The below rules are intended to keep members feeling welcome and safe, and we will step in if needed.

The Rules

Be a nice person. Keep your dialogue work-safe and refrain from bullying. Making unwanted advances or singling anyone out because of their appearance, religion, orientation, or any other reason will get you banned from the community for life.
Debate ideas, not people. Turning a conversation into a personal attack is completely unacceptable in Highly Relatable.
Don’t treat community members as competitors. Our community members are very generous with their time. If you have cause to help someone out, please reciprocate by sharing information.
No inappropriate self-promotion. Post to the #1-connect-and-converse channel or reach out to individual members to begin a conversation.
All other scheduling links should be free as offers to help fellow community members.
Selling of personal or company services not offered by C4 Talent, including but not limited to mentorship programs, freelance services, consulting, or any commercial activities, is permitted but must be communicated to the relevant team members first before publishing into our community.
Respect others’ privacy, confidentiality, and authorship of content and ideas.
If you recognize someone who is using a different name or have a beef with a community member, keep it to yourself and re-read rules 1 and 2.
Do not screenshot anything within slack and share it elsewhere without first asking the author for permission to do so.
Do not share anything confidential or sensitive, even with mentioning specifics or names.
If in doubt as to whether it’s safe to share something or not, ask the author.
Avoid non-relevant and incendiary topics. Take to your personal social media channels to voice your opinions on religion, politics, etc., and keep it off the Highly Relatable channels.
As a member of the Highly Relatable community you agree that:
In connection with any Highly Relatable program in which you serve, or have served, as a speaker, participant or attendee:
you consent to Highly Relatable’s recording of its events and any presentation at its programs (including any PowerPoint slides) and to its publication, distribution, exhibition, and display;
you consent to Highly Relatable’s reproduction, publication, distribution, exhibition, and display of written materials submitted in connection with the program;
Highly Relatable may exercise or license these rights in all forms and media, whether now known or later developed, throughout the world;
your consent is irrevocable and extends, in perpetuity, to Highly Relatable and its successors, assigns, and licensees, and includes the right to use your name, photograph, likeness, voice, statements, and professional biography; and
all of the rights you are granting to Highly Relatable are non-exclusive, and nothing will prevent you from repeating your presentation and republishing your materials elsewhere.
In making any vendor or product recommendations or referrals, you will disclose any actual or potential conflicts of interest.
If you come into possession of non-public, sensitive or otherwise confidential information about a company or another Highly Relatable member, you will safeguard the information from the public and not intentionally or inadvertently communicate it to any person (including family members and friends) unless the person has a need to know the information for legitimate business reasons. You will not disclose confidential, sensitive or proprietary information obtained as a consequence of your association with Highly Relatable to third parties without express authorization. You will be discreet with respect to confidential information.
In order to maintain the integrity of our community and ensure a safe, outstanding experience for all members, we uphold specific regulations for onboarding. We retain the right to revoke memberships if discrepancies are identified during your sign-up via our coda form. If any discrepancies are found, you will be offered a consultation within our Slack community or via email to address these issues. However, if the discrepancy persists post-consultation, we reserve the right to temporarily disable your access to our community. Know that these measures are instated not as a penalty, but in order to ensure and uphold the quality standards and safety of all our community members.
You may be subject to or seek relevant information from the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies of the forums where the Highly Relatable community interacts.
Slack and
Alert a team member immediately if you notice a dangerous situation or violation of these rules. Violations will not be tolerated. First time offenders will be warned and educated on proper community etiquette. Highly Relatable reserves the right to remove repeat offenders from the group.

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