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Wess Daniels Resume

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Wess Daniels' Resume

♏ Scorpio | 👨‍🏫 Professor | 🖋️ Author | 🧒 Father of Three + 🐕

🗺 From: Where I’m From

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My Background

I am originally from Canton, Ohio. I grew up in a working class family with divorced parents and 8 younger half-siblings. I have always loved creating things and dreamed of being a robotics engineer or a film director when I got older. Instead, I became a Quaker theologian! :) As a first generation college student I struggled to get my bearings in college until I had a professor who came alongside me and helped me believe in myself. He taught theology and I was very interested in what he taught and how he taught it (lots of drawings and visuals, an early form of Sketchnoting basically). I went on to get a Masters and a PhD in Intercultural Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena California. After California, my family and I moved to Washington State where I pastored a Quaker meeting for 6 years.
I have been married for 20 years and we have three children and a rescue dog named Magnolia. We live in Greensboro, North Carolina which is part of the Haw River Watershed and on the land that once was occupied by the Sapony and Occonichi Peoples


📥 Do: What I do for Work and What I do For Fun

Work: I work at as the Director of the Friends Center and Quaker Studies. I have been in this role for 6 years. I wear a number of different hats, including teaching classes each semester on the Quaker tradition, leading our center, working as the campus chaplain, and supporting students wherever they are.
Fun: I love spending time with my family, riding my Triumph Bonneville motorcycle, reading and writing, and listening to music. I also have a .


🧰 Projects: Current Things I am Working On (and Using Coda For)

I learned about Coda sometime back in the winter and went deep right away. I was looking for something that I could create beautiful looking document that I could share with my sister who’s wedding I was helping plan (I officiated her service). I knew I didn’t want to use gDocs, which is what we use at the college, because a) I hate it and the way it looks (lol), and b) I don’t like google. I have been on a long quest of finding things that break dependency from large companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon (Ok, Apple is a different story).
After finding Coda and loving it instantly, I started watching all of Maria’s videos while I washed dishes and other things trying to figure this thing out. She is awesome and I learned a ton about using Coda.
Since then I have made tons of docs. Here are a few examples:
I ran a using it (this is my most proud doc)
I am running my
I have created numerous docs as “digital handouts” for and our .
I have used it at work with projects where I’m collaborating with others on (and people seem to get the hang of it pretty quickly)
I’m also playing around with creating a “ using Coda
Lastly, I started tinkering with something I was calling , where I was going to try and create a kind of life dashboard with different pieces updating automatically to use for planning, etc. but that is where I really ran into my own limitations. This is what I would like to do as my project for the course.


✋ Why: Why I’m Here?

I love learning and I love finding tools like Coda that help me teach and communicate better with those I am working with. I would love to have mastery over Coda so that I can use it to its fullest potential in all of my work. I would also like to use Coda in my classes and get my students using it for their notes. I have my students do a technique called “ and would like for them to build Coda docs for that in the fall. Practice in this course will prepare me for that as well.


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