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Chapter 7

Moving Towards Insecurity

Anthony de Mello, once wrote,
“Belief is security, faith is insecurity.”
The idea is that the more we move out of what we know, what we are certain about – whether it is other other people, God, or ourselves – the more we are moving into the unknown. That takes faith. So rather than hoping the other person moves toward our particular views, we see that to be a Quaker is to be a part of a faith tradition, which invites us to be constantly moving towards insecurity, towards destabilizing single-stories, towards friendship with the other, and a loving community where souls are welcome to show up fully with all their pieces: the beautiful and the broken.
Now that you have had a chance to listen and to be heard, build on what you have. Allow the deeper stories that have arisen to be like a powerful symphony that arises with many different instruments and skills being brought together for a common purpose. Love empowers us to be who we are while living together within community. In doing so, we have the opportunity to create and live into what Vincent Harding calls, “.” A community where the kind of world we hope to be a part of is the very thing we actively work to create. And then, we will be “found in translation.”
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