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About This Team Builder:

Welcome to the team builder app built just for Scott Fish Bowl managers by Wess @.
The is a team builder and draft tracker to help you get an idea of projected points, stacks, bye issues, and more. This is an early version of the app. Please feel free to leave your .
👉 It is best used on desktop browsers but the team building function will work on mobile.

How to use:

Go to Page and “draft” the players you want. Use “draft tracker” column when you’re drafting to track who is off the board.
Click reset button and start over
If you want to save and make edits to the app click the blue “copy doc” button in the top right corner. Then, create your own coda account. This will allow you to edit it yourself and it won’t disrupt the main doc.
You can also use the To take any notes on builds you like
Leave a rating or a suggestion here:


Data here was used with permission from both sources.
If you’d like to donate, please donate directly to OR for Scott Fish Bowl.

Last Updated:
7/7/2023 11:46:07 AM
Version .03
Tool Created by Wess Daniels - @

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