Quaker Studies Research Template

Quaker Studies Research Template

Use this template to help you track your project and make sure you’ve hit all the big sources. Depending on how long your research project is meant to be should determine the depth of use of this list.

Select your topic and consider your big questions related to what you want to research.

Read and
review the resource page
from the
to see what is available
Look at Historical Dictionary of the Friends (Quakers) -
Look at the
Index for the Oxford Quaker Handbook
of Quaker Studies

Quaker Periodicals and Research Databases
through the University of Birmingham England.
If you needed/wanted to go deeper, you can go into the Guilford College papers and archives

Research Other Possible Sources:
See what Wikipedia has on your topic
Search for
contemporary examples
on blogs, films, podcasts
Determine how scholarly your sources are (if you are using the above you will be fine)

your reading and research into discrete notes based on your research.

Build your bibliography - Use Zotero, Mendeley, or for simpler projects: the
Write a draft paper
your paper through
. A great grammar editing program that you can use for free or pay a discounted price as a student.

Need more help?
Check in with
Wess Daniels
Check in with
Gwen Gosney Erickson
Guilford College Archivist at
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