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Critical Conversations


Critical Conversations is a series of dialogues put on by the Friends Center around serious injustices that humans and the more-than-world face. We want to be in dialogue about these five injustices that has named in their report . The goal is to not only learn about the five injustices so that we might respond but also how better to dialogue and be in community with people across a wide variety of perspectives and view points.
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Learn the differences between dialogue and debate
Be in dialogue as a community around the injustices
Reflecting on the ways that the five injustice have impacted you as an individual.
Be in community with a diversity of people who experience and understand the world differently and learn how to be connected even when there are differences.
Understanding the big picture of the evils and how those
Learn how to facilitate dialogues like this
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10/18/2022, 8:00 AM
Introduction to the Five Injustices and the Distorted Moral Narrative of Christian Nationalism
Moon Room
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