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Bonner Spiritual Exploration

Note from Wess:

Hi all, since I wasn’t able to be with you today. I put together this little page for you to have as a resource as you think about what the theme of spiritual exploration means to you.

I’m thinking about you all and rooting for you as you finish the 3 week after a long and difficult year.
- Wess Daniels (Director of the Friends Center)

Name, pronouns, one important learning from this semester

Opening Question:
What comes to mind when you think about Spiritual exploration? What does it meant to you that this is one of Bonner's common commitments?

Finding ourselves on the inside of a spiritual/religious/moral tradition:
A tradition is something to continue to go deeper into. It offers broad and different perspectives, different ways of understanding. Learning to see from this perspective. Like a musician or an artist who learns the tradition and then grows and works out of that tradition in new ways.
Finding our place inside a tradition:

“Artists learn over time that creativity flounders in limitlessness, as does intimacy for that matter. We need the bible and the Christian stream of faith in order for our lives to flourish. The tendency to not stand in a tradition limits our capacity to grow and become love in the world." Friend Jason - Quaker Minister

Two pieces that are part of traditions I find in Important:

What do you notice in this poem?
What speaks to you in what is being said and why?
Comment from Wess:

How might a practice like this be grounding for you?
What other practices do you have that help you get centered?
Comment from Wess:

Closing Questions:
What do you need to find and support your own hidden potential?
What tradition or community/communities do you stand in that can offer a grounding space for you?
What do you need to stay well in my work of service?
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