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Ignatian Examen

This is a practice that you can do daily or any time you need to re-center yourself. It is from
Take time at the end of your day - you will need at least 10 mins. It can be helpful to write these questions out in your journal:
Recall you are in the presence of God
Look at your day with gratitude
Ask help from the Spirit
Review your day
Reconcile and resolve
More Resources
From the Jesuits
More on the (Ignatius was the founder of the Jesuits).
Here are (at the bottom) of the Examen that you may find useful (you can see how it can easily be adapted):
Article on the Examen
If you would like to learn more about the Examen here is one article written about it. This person is writing from the Christian tradition but it is very easy to translate the basic underlying practice and principles behind it for whatever perspective makes the most sense to you.
Download the short article:
Examen of Consciousness.pdf
65.5 kB
Another Contemporary Interpretation of the Examen (with an App)
Here is a great contemporary interpretation of the that includes videos and an app you can use to walk you through the examen.
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