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Embrace the Serenity of the Ocean

Welcome to Final Journey, where we honor the timeless bond between the sea and the soul. In the heart of New Zealand's breathtaking landscapes, we offer a peaceful and dignified alternative to traditional burial methods: the sea burial.

Our Mission

At Final Journey, we understand the importance of saying goodbye in a way that reflects the essence of your loved one. Our mission is to provide a serene, respectful, and environmentally conscious sea burial service that honors their memory and celebrates their love for the ocean.

Why Choose a Sea Burial?

Eco-Friendly: A natural return to the earth, without the need for embalming chemicals or non-biodegradable materials.
Simplicity: A sea burial is a simple yet profound way to say goodbye, allowing the natural beauty of New Zealand's waters to serve as the backdrop.
Personal: We offer personalized services to reflect your loved one's unique connection to the sea.

Our Services

Full-Service Sea Burials: We handle all aspects of the sea burial, from obtaining necessary permits to conducting the ceremony at sea.
Ash Scattering at Sea: A gentle way to return your loved one to the ocean, with various options for ceremony and location.
Memorial Services: Create a meaningful service on board our vessels, with options for music, readings, and eulogies.

The Process

Consultation: Reach out to us. We’ll discuss your needs, answer your questions, and begin the planning process.
Planning: Choose your service and personalize the ceremony to reflect your loved one’s life and legacy.
The Ceremony: On the day, we’ll guide you through a dignified and heartfelt ceremony at sea, surrounded by the natural beauty of New Zealand.
Aftercare: We offer support and guidance following the service, including certificates marking the coordinates of your loved one’s final journey.


Is a sea burial legal in New Zealand?
Yes, sea burials are legal but must comply with local and environmental regulations. We handle all necessary permits and legal requirements.
Can we attend the sea burial?
Absolutely. We welcome families to be part of the ceremony on our specially equipped vessels.

Contact Us

To begin planning a sea burial or to learn more about our services, please contact us at:
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Location: [Your Office Location in New Zealand]

Final Thoughts

At Final Journey, we are committed to providing a respectful, meaningful, and serene farewell to your loved one. Let the eternal embrace of the sea be a testament to their spirit and a comfort to those they leave behind.
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